I'm looking for a biodegradable chainsaw oil, specifically for inoculating trees and stumps with mushroom spawn.  But also if available for general use.  I have never been comfortable with the amount of oil dispersed in the forest. 

Products I have found have varying reputations as far as possible damage to the saw.  Is there a product that someone would recommend?

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Hi Terry:

A few years back our local Game of Logging instructor was experimenting with canola oil.  Last I knew, he had gone through a few tanks with this and didn't have any trouble.  Others may know better, but I assume that if the oil wasn't effective the worst outcome would be you would get the bar too hot.  It seems unlikely you would damage the saw.  If you have an IR thermometer, you could test bar temperature with tradition bar oil vs. canola oil under different cutting situations.

Please report back with what you find!!



Check this out, from the US Forest Service:

Vegetable Oil for Lubricating Chainsaws

"Conclusion:  Based on this and limited field observations, vegetable-based chain-and-bar oils are an attractive alternative to petroleum-based oils."

Popular in Germany and Austria.  As long as "oil" flows to the bar/chain, it'll work.



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