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Created by Peter Smallidge Oct 5, 2011 at 2:16pm. Last updated by Peter Smallidge Jan 6, 2014.


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Jim Martin replied to Jim Martin's discussion IPhone surveys
"A podcast from the U of Mass was scheduled for today,Dec.2 concerning mapping woodland but so far I have not been able to find it."
7 hours ago
Miles Brandon updated their profile
Stephen Kutney posted a video
Below is a link from a Zoom meeting titled Renewable Energy from your Land: From wood to solar and wind, sponsored by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County and the Southern Tier Chapter of the New York Forest Owners Association. The presentation was given by Ed Neuhauser. Individual renewable energy for heating and powering your home can take a variety of forms. One of the most basic forms is wood energy, which can be combined with Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) to improve the quality of your forest and provide domestic heat. It may also be possible to provide lumber with some of the trees removed during TSI. Advances in photovoltaics have made electric generation possible for individual homeowners. Community solar projects have made PV electrical generation possible for people who do not have the physical conditions to install panels. Wind power is possible in select locations in NYS. Heat pump technology for heating and cooling has now made this technology available to individuals. We will explore how these technologies can be used today.
Lew Ward commented on Lew Ward's event Winter Wonderland No More? Climate Change & Northeastern Forests
""Climate change is altering winter weather in the Northeast, leading to less snow and more ice. Join scientists Peter Groffman and Lindsey Rustad for a virtual Cary Science Conversation with Cary President Joshua Ginsberg. They will discuss how…"
Lew Ward posted an event

Winter Wonderland No More? Climate Change & Northeastern Forests at Evenbrite Virtual Event Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies

December 9, 2020 from 7pm to 8pm
Cary Science Conversation featuring ecologists Peter Groffman & Lindsey RustadWhen: Wednesday, December 9 @ 7pm EST Where: Virtual, via Zoom, register at EventBrite…See More
John McNerney replied to Joanne Vaughn's discussion How long do brush cutter blades work?
"I've never oiled my brush cutter blade. If your blade is overheating, there are two main causes of that: 1 - cutting with a dull blade, and 2 - the stems you are cutting are pinching the blade (try cutting from the side away from the…"
Joanne Vaughn replied to Joanne Vaughn's discussion How long do brush cutter blades work?
"We'll have to wait until next summer to test our current hypothesis but we think that it is important to keep the blade free of  resins. We think resins are building up on our blades and causing them to heat up. The expansion is causing…"
John McNerney replied to Joanne Vaughn's discussion How long do brush cutter blades work?
"I'm not sure if you are still looking for solutions 6 months after your original post, but if you are not still looking, maybe it will help others. I used a Husqvarna "Scarlet" blade on my brush saw for several years, since it was…"

Blog Posts

Conspiracy of Leaf Color-Change

Posted by Paul J Hetzler on September 12, 2020 at 6:49am 0 Comments

Fall Color Conspiracy

Conspiracy hypotheses (or theories, as we like to call them, since “hypotheses” cannot be uttered without a lisp) seem to multiply unfettered these days, so I feel awkward birthing yet another. But you may be intrigued to learn that the wide spectrum of color in the region’s fall foliage is largely the result of a Depression-era project implemented by the Hoover Administration.

We live in one of the few places on Earth where trees produce such a…


Learning to Speak Pine

Posted by Paul J Hetzler on August 29, 2020 at 9:56am 0 Comments

Pine Whisperers

The term psithurism (sith-er-izm) doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but it’s not meant to. The word, from the Greek psithuros (whisper), indicates the melody that rolls off pine needles in a gentle wind. It also means the sound of “proper” leaves shaking in the treetops. Obviously, we need another word, because these two things – whispering pines and rustling leaves – may both soothe us, but they sound quite different.

In our little home in the…


Tree Defenses

Posted by Paul J Hetzler on August 22, 2020 at 3:24pm 0 Comments

Tree Protection

Paul Hetzler, ISA Certified Arborist

As someone whose job it is to help preserve trees, I find it ironic that in nearly every case I am saving them from us. We injure their root systems, whack them with mowers and weed-eaters, plant them too deeply, and do many other things which jeopardize their health. It would be terrifying if they could fight back in the manner of Tolkien’s magical Fangorn Forest. For one thing, tree work would be a lot more dangerous than…


The End of Sugar Maples?

Posted by Paul J Hetzler on August 19, 2020 at 8:50am 0 Comments

Maples on the Move

Unless trees are wondrously furtive, I’m pretty sure they don’t travel. But their species ranges can. A report from the US Forest Service’s Northern Research Station indicates that due to climate change, 70% of Eastern tree species have already begun to shift their ranges to the north. The authors admit this is not a new trend, but rather the hastening of an old one:

“Tree ranges in ancient times certainly shifted according to changing climates, but the…



IPhone surveys

Started by Jim Martin in Woodlot Management. Last reply by Jim Martin 7 hours ago. 3 Replies

Smart phones have GPS.  Has anyone figured out how to use them for mapping wooded land.  I am especially interested in a way to map  my logging trails. Jim MartinContinue

How long do brush cutter blades work?

Started by Joanne Vaughn in Woodlot Management. Last reply by John McNerney on Sunday. 4 Replies

I dunno maybe it's because time flies when it's multiflora rose and buckthorns that are getting whacked. It seems that these blades are needing retirement after 8 or so hours.   Is this typical for this type of material. WIde range of material but…Continue

Tags: cutter, brush

Striped maple control

Started by WJ Rodenhouse in Woodlot Management Oct 2. 0 Replies

Looking for way to control large volume of striped maple and witch hazel. Both are interfering with growth of oak seedlings. Cut/treat stump? Hack and squirt? if so what chemical for either of these? Best time of year to treat?Best time of year to…Continue

Saving the American Chestnut

Started by Stephen Kutney in Woodlot Management Aug 24. 0 Replies

Below is a message from the American Chestnut Foundation on the deregulation of the Darling 58 blight-resistant American chestnut.SteveThe 60-day public comment period is now open and will remain open until Monday, October 19, 2020. Here are two…Continue

Forester recommendations?

Started by Roger Rodriguez in Woodlot Management. Last reply by Kelly Nywening Jul 15. 1 Reply

We are new to forestry ownership and need some advice. We would like to be good stewards of the property and also provide occasional profit of some kind, especially to offset the taxes we pay on the property. I was thinking tree farming (?) as a…Continue

Nitrogen fixing bacteria for Alder trees

Started by Joanne Vaughn in Woodlot Management. Last reply by Joanne Vaughn Jul 11. 14 Replies

I am thinking of starting some alder trees from seed for planting into an area that does not and has not hosted alders.  How can I gain the nitrogen fixing bacteria for inoculation of the roots ?  Continue

Seeking advice on controlling oriental bittersweet

Started by Kristen Whitbeck in Woodlot Management. Last reply by Lew Ward Apr 15. 2 Replies

A student in my silviculture class is seeking relayed the scenario below. If anyone has any tips or tricks I will gladly pass them along. Thanks in advance!"Oriental bittersweet is choking out my mature white pine trees and my mature apple trees.…Continue

Tags: bittersweet, Oriental

Are Gall's a reason to cull Hickory trees?

Started by Thomas Wilson in Forest Health. Last reply by Ron Goodger Apr 7. 8 Replies

I'll take a photo, but in the meantime....I have a lot of bitternut hickory and some shagbark as well.  I haven't yet noticed any on the shagbark, but about half of the bitternut have gall's.  They get up to about 3 inches in diameter.  Some tree's…Continue



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