ForestConnect is an education and applied research program of Cornell University and Cornell Cooperative Extension.  The goal of ForestConnect is to support the sustainable production of private woodlands in New York (and beyond) through the provision of educational assistance.  ForestConnect is a broad and deep program with numerous colleagues, cooperators, and partners.  For more information about ForestConnect, visit the main webpage.


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This NING site is intended to provide an opportunity for those who are interested in private woodlands to learn about woodlot management, share what they know, and connect with others who support the sustainability of private working woodlands.  This is not a commercial site and will not support sales of products (though product marketing discussions are fine) or solicitation of clients.  All reasonable protocols for civil discourse are expected, including the ability to document or verify any technical content or assertions.


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Erratic Staining in Ash logs

Started by Greg Lessord in Woodlot Management on Saturday. 0 Replies

Any ideas as to why these stains occur in many of my ash? I have EAB pretty heavily but would assume stain would be near cambium.All 3 are 7" dia. at ground level. I have not bucked logs yet to see how far up they will continue.

Nitrogen fixing bacteria for Alder trees

Started by Joanne Vaughn in Woodlot Management. Last reply by Peter Smallidge Dec 19, 2016. 4 Replies

I am thinking of starting some alder trees from seed for planting into an area that does not and has not hosted alders.  How can I gain the nitrogen fixing bacteria for inoculation of the roots ?  Continue

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Fact Sheet

Started by Carl DuPoldt in Forest Health Oct 22, 2016. 0 Replies

Adelges tsugae, the hemlock woolly adelgid, is a fluid-feeding insectthat feeds on hemlock trees throughout eastern North America,including Pennsylvania. The egg sacs ofthese insects look like the tipsof cotton swabs clinging to the undersides of…Continue

Grow bags: tall or squat?

Started by Joanne Vaughn in Agroforestry. Last reply by Carl Albers Oct 6, 2016. 5 Replies

After losing a planting of trees to voles/deer and now quite a number to the drought of '16 we are considering keeping our seedlings in a protected area with irrigation in grow bags so they can be easily relocated when they have attained a fighting…Continue

Tags: tree, protection, pruning, air, bags

Forest Economics Spreadsheet for Timber Contesters and Owners of Private Woodlands

Started by Dean Faklis in Woodlot Management Oct 3, 2016. 0 Replies

Check out the new forest economics spreadsheet at  It has the right amount of detail for one to start investigating the impacts of certain items on investment returns.  Please…Continue

The Role of Private Woodlands In Solving Global Issues

Started by Brett Chedzoy in Woodlot Management Sep 28, 2016. 0 Replies

This article from the NY Times was recently featured in the Forest Business Network weekly newsletter.  Different part of the country, same issues.Can a small, family forest help save the planet?Eve Lonnquist’s family has owned a forest in the…Continue

Mobile Dimensions sawmill?

Started by Malcolm MacKenzie in Woodlot Management. Last reply by Peter Smallidge Sep 22, 2016. 4 Replies

Does anyone have experience with a Mobile Dimensions sawmill? What is your critique of its operation and production?Continue

Western Larch Question

Started by Alex Harmon in Woodlot Management Sep 13, 2016. 0 Replies

Would a Western Larch (tree) NOT lose its needles during fall and winter if it was kept indoors? / what causes it to lose its needles(temperature change, change in length of days)? IF YOU KNOW THE ANSWER PLEASE REPLY!!!!!! NOT KNOWING IS KILLING ME!!Continue

Tags: question, test, conifers, deciduous, trees



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