ForestConnect is an education and applied research program of Cornell University and Cornell Cooperative Extension.  The goal of ForestConnect is to support the sustainable production of private woodlands in New York (and beyond) through the provision of educational assistance.  ForestConnect is a broad and deep program with numerous colleagues, cooperators, and partners.  For more information about ForestConnect, visit the main webpage.


Example of the venues used to disseminate information, knowledge, and educational programs include the following:


This NING site is intended to provide an opportunity for those who are interested in private woodlands to learn about woodlot management, share what they know, and connect with others who support the sustainability of private working woodlands.  This is not a commercial site and will not support sales of products (though product marketing discussions are fine) or solicitation of clients.  All reasonable protocols for civil discourse are expected, including the ability to document or verify any technical content or assertions.


Our key partners include:


Peter Smallidge, the NYS Extension Forester, is the primary manager of the site.  Please contact him if you have any questions.

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Global Warming and Forest Health

Started by Carl DuPoldt in Forest Health 2 hours ago. 0 Replies

How global warming may make forests shorter and scrubbier…Continue

May 27, 2015 - Wednesday at 7:00pm 3630 Poffenberger Road, Jefferson, MD 21755, USA

Started by Carl DuPoldt in Forest Health 5 hours ago. 0 Replies

Among the Ancients: What Old Growth Forests Teach UsMay 27, 2015 - Wednesday at 7:00pm3630 Poffenberger Road, Jefferson, MD 21755, USATrees clean the air we breathe, feed and shelter us, and bring our spirits peace. Joan Maloof studies ancient trees…Continue

Any thoughts on using bio-herbicides for environmental friendliness?

Started by Carl DuPoldt in Woodlot Management. Last reply by Carl DuPoldt yesterday. 2 Replies

Any thoughs on Bioherbicides? environmental pressure was the initial impetus for…Continue

beech allelopathy

Started by Jeff Joseph in Woodlot Management. Last reply by Jeff Joseph on Wednesday. 3 Replies

     I am wondering if anyone has any information regarding allelopathy in beech leaves, as I have areas of my woodlot that receive adequate sunlight, yet have NO tree seedlings/regeneration to speak of other than beech. There is generally a thick…Continue

Eco Goats

Started by Carl DuPoldt in Woodlot Management on Wednesday. 0 Replies

Meet the Eco-Goats! and Become a Certified Weed Warrior Leader" width="89.933774834437" height="140" alt="RNC SpSu SUPP_2015_cover_for email" class="CToWUd"/>Hi Friends!I…Continue

Forest Products - Foam Made from Wood

Started by Carl DuPoldt in Woodlot Management May 8. 0 Replies

More on forest products.Not only is styrofoam great for all your packing needs, it also makes for an incredibly effective and lightweight insulator. It's just too bad the chemicals and processes needed to make it aren't as earth-friendly as they…Continue

Oak Wilt in NY Webinar

Started by Brett Chedzoy in Woodlot Management May 4. 0 Replies

Let's hope this never takes hold in the Northeast! Searching for the Oak Wilt Pathogen, Ceratocystis fagacearum, in New York State Cornell University, Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic (CU-PDDC) webinar about Specialty Crop Block Grant project they…Continue

Cultivated Furniture

Started by Brett Chedzoy in Woodlot Management Apr 28. 0 Replies

Something new for those with extra time on their hands!DERBYSHIRE, England — Imagine a forest where trees turn themselves into chairs, lamps and mirror frames in a sustainable system that doesn’t leave a gaping hole in an old-growth forest, or a…Continue



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