I just had some old logging roads that were in bad shape graded and repaired on a section of my property. To offset some of the cost I told the contractor I would
Do the final seeding ect... My question is what would be the best seed mixture for
This application. Some of the roads run east to west and some run north to south. They do not get a lot of sun but do get some. The ph of the soil in adjacent fields runs from 5.7-6.1. I would like it to have wildlife benefits but I do also use the roads for recreation and to maintain property so they get some activity. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Hi Mark,

Good question, long answer, based upon your goals. General answer. You'll need to complete a soil test, not sure how you arrived at the ph range, self test or local service & you'll need to tell the tester whatyou desire to plant.  There are some easy ways to figure out the amount of lime & fertilizer needed based upon the ph. The value of the complete test well exceeds the cost.  Why spend all the time, energy & $ guessing.  Most wildlife seed mixes require 4-6 hrs. sunlight and need to be planted during the normal growing season. To increase the amount of sunlight on the logging road on both sides cut up to 10-15 yards back into the woods, cutting the junkly stuff & leave good quality saw timber trees standing. This improves the amouint of wildlife edge & browse as well. Also one of your goals.This is a heavy cutting, lots of trees cut & dropped.  The Logging road seed mix (low ph.) specific for wildlife is available from the Wildlife Institue. Some seeds need to be pressed into the soil (most folks use a home made drag behind the ATV or pick up a narrow culitapacker). Contact the Wildlife Institue of North America www.whitetailinstitute.com by email or phone for assistence. 800-688-3030.  Biologic should have a similiar product.




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