I am having a terrible time with deer loping off my 3/4" diameter apple trees. Does anyone have any good ideas regarding fencing or wire mesh or electric fencing or applying something to the tree or anything else that might help keep the deer away?

I am thinking about wrapping 4 ft snow fence around metal stakes in maybe a 4 ft diameter. Will it work or is it not even worth wasting my time?

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Hi Brett:

Fencing will work, almost any kind, if it is secure.  You might need more than 4 ft, although if the diameter of the fence was sufficient, that should keep deer away.  The fence need not be electric, though if you had a large area (> 0.25 ac ??) then an electric fence might be more cost effective.  But, you need to make sure the electric fence remains functional throughout the winter.  

I don't think repellants are overly effective unless you continually apply them during months when deer are most hungry.

I looked for "deer fence" at www.eXtension.org and found this...more to see there as well.


Please submit pictures of your strategy so we can all learn from your efforts.



Well that clinches it.  My first attempt is going to be fencing.  This going to start to get pricey, but hey eventually the trees will outgrow the deer and I can move the setup to a new tree.  I have a greet source for 5ft galvanized one inch diameter pipe for $1 a unit.  I am going to try three per tree.  I will post some pics when I start getting them up.  Thanks for the prompt reply.  I would love to hear any other solutions.

...now about that mushroom problem.  To be continued.




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