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Northeast Silviculture Institute and Climate Adaptation Training

New Climate Adaptation and Forest Carbon training from the Silviculture Institute available to all online


On October 11-12 of this year, 50 foresters attended graduate level training in Climate Adaptation and Forest Carbon in a new Module of the…


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Stressors of Maple Trees - PSU webinar archived

Have you noticed areas with maples looking not as healthy as others? Maple decline is not due to a disease or pest but can be from various stress factors. During Stressors of Maple: Dieback and Mortality, learn about some of the causes attributed to poor maple health and canopy dieback.

We will discuss a case study of a northern hardwood landscape in the Upper Great Lakes region, where maple dieback has been associated with impacts from invasive…


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Do Trees Talk?

In recent years there have been a couple books that assert, at some level, that trees have attributes typically only associated with rationale sentient beings.  I have read neither book, but the descriptions of those shared with me by several people didn't align with my understanding of, roughly, rocks and minerals, soil, microbes, plants, mammals, and humans...a progression towards sentience.

Two recent publications have called into question the validity of asserting that trees talk,…


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Relative Density, Stocking and Tree-Area Ratio

Dr. Susan Stout (USFS, retired, Research Forester Emerita) presented a ForestConnect webinar on June 21 that explained the history and utility of relative density.  Dr. Stout explained relative density in the context of "stand density index", "tree-area ration" and ultimately the stand stocking charts as developed by Gingrich. All these designed to provide a metric to understand competition among trees and improve production per acre.

The link to the webinar archive is…


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It Takes a Village to Raise a Forest

It Takes a Village

The decline in children’s mental health during COVID-19 restrictions is a poignant reminder that we’re a social species, hardwired for contact with others. The saying “It takes a village to raise a child” is spot-on. Whether a literal village or a caring community within a city, we all – children especially – need regular interaction with peers and supportive mentors.

In a different sense, but true nonetheless, it takes a village to raise a forest. In this…


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Seeking Panelists

The New York State Association of Conservation Commissions is seeking speakers for its October 6th conference. NYSACC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support municipal environmental committees, boards, and commissions throughout New York.

NYSACC is looking for panelists conversant with existing tree funding available to NYS municipalities and counties, and if possible, someone who can supply application info and due dates. In addition, the conference hopes to help…


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Woods and Park Restoration Hastings-on-Hudson_bids_welcomed

(I haven't seen this type of project before, and thought it interesting and worth sharing here.  See contacts below if you have questions. Peter)

The Village of Hastings on Hudson herby invites the submission of proposals


email for information:  Aaron Podhurst <>

Hillside Woods and Park Restoration Project Management and

Other Landscaping and Horticultural Services:

Village of Hastings-on-Hudson…


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Extreme Weather Forestry BMPs

Today's (20april2022) ForestConnect webinar was by Steve Roberge of UNH, NH state extension forester.  Steve was presenting from work done at UNH about tactics that loggers and foresters use, voluntarily, to stabilize their logging site and ensure they can continue to access and work their job during extreme weather events. Winters are often without snow or freezing and ground conditions might limit production. This…


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Maple Sap Runs On Gas

Some foods give us gas, but gas is what ultimately gives us maple syrup. If not for gas bubbles in the wood, sap wouldn’t flow. Who knew maple trees were CO2 powered?

A mere two decades ago, arborists were at a loss to explain what caused maple sap run. We'd typically mumble something about transpirational vacuum in the canopy before changing the subject. Everyone knows sap runs when warm days follow freezing nights. But it wasn’t until recently that the mechanism behind…


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Think Spring, Think Tree Planting

Looking for a way to enhance property value, save energy costs, boost mental health, and help the planet in one simple, low-cost step? Yeah, me too. Let me know if you think of something.

Seriously, though, a few well-placed trees in one’s yard typically add at least 5% to a property’s value. Having large older specimens (of trees, I mean) around the house can push that figure close to 20%. In terms of energy savings, deciduous trees on the southern and western sides of a house tend…


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More about Beech Control

Beech Gone Wild: Raging Hormones

The American beech (Fagus grandifolia) has been slowly dying out for the last 140 years. As a result, beech saplings have overrun many woodlots, making them less diverse, less vigorous, and less valuable.

That’s right – beech decline has led to a beech proliferation so extreme that in some places they are a barrier to forest regeneration. I’d call this an oxymoron, but don’t want to insult the bovine community. Strategies do exist to…


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Wood Heat: Up In Smoke?

Where There’s Smoke

An upswing in woodstove use might sound yawn-worthy, but recent findings about the dire health effects of wood smoke might mean the long-term future of wood as a heating fuel is in question.

As someone who grew up with wood heat, I assumed  it was hands-down one of the most sustainable, eco-positive fuels for home heating. Like many other widely shared conventions, it turns out the veracity of that assumption depends on a lot of things.

How many…


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how trunk decay works (and doesn't)

Lips and Walls: Digging into Tree Decay

When clients call about decay in large older trees, every so often it’s necessary to respond that I’m not interested in hearing any lip from them. I do this respectfully of course.

It’s a frequent misconception that the roll of callus tissue or “lip” that trees produce at the margins of a wound will cause, or at least accelerate, trunk rot by catching and holding a small amount of rainwater. It makes perfect sense to us that if an open…


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GPS and GIS - for the rest of us

- check back for details on the webinars 15 sept 2021 and 17 nov 2021

Garmin GLO 2 ;

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Painting Our Way Out of a Corner

It’s normal to tune out all the Chicken Littles (such as yours truly) who run around squawking about this or that invasive forest pest or disease that pose a threat to trees. I mean, how many times can the sky fall, anyway? But the real danger is when we feel so overwhelmed that we throw up our hands. Thinking we can’t make a difference could result in more harm to forests than the pests themselves.

There’s a pithy fable about a child who…


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Firewood 4 Charity Work Schedule

The NYFOA WFL Chapter Firewood4Charity (F4C) imitative held the second work session of this year on Saturday, June 12. Four face cords were readied for participating Rotary Clubs to pick up and deliver in the Fall. Twenty five face cords were donated to the Rotary last year. The wood is sold and the proceeds are donated to Rotary Camp Onseyawa on the shore of Seneca Lake. The next sessions will be Saturday, July 17 and Wednesday, July 28. At this time we restrict volunteers to only those that… Continue

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Gypsy Moths

Like a B-grade horror film sequel, the aliens have awakened once again. Perhaps we felt a glimmer of hope at the end of the 2020 version when an entire generation of ruthless monsters died off in droves and left us in peace. But remember that closing shot of their disgusting, furry egg-mass blobs cleverly hidden out of sight? Well they’re hatching now.

If you missed last year’s gypsy moth performance, you have a better chance of catching it this season. Unfortunately. Based on…


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Information about Gypsy Moth Outbreaks and Management Options for Woodland and Residential Properties

Over the past 2 years, many counties across NYS have experienced gypsy moth outbreaks and based on the density of egg masses recorded in some areas of the state, it might very well be another high population year. Calls and emails have already started coming in from concerned individuals who experienced tree defoliation last year or have noticed egg masses lining the branches of their trees. Over the weekend, I was weeding along the side of my house and thought I saw ants crawling along the…


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Garlic Mustard Management

Do Nothing about Invasive Plants

Paul Hetzler, ISA Ceritfied Arborist

Until recently, ignoring problems in hopes they’ll go away hasn’t served me well. However, a decade-long study done by Cornell University researchers has clearly shown that avoidance is the best way to manage garlic mustard (Allaria petiolata), a pernicious exotic plant. Evidently I’ve been doing a great job in the fight against this aggressive and troublesome invader.

Native to most of Europe…


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Tips for Winter Tree ID

Tree Buds: Honest Friends

How to distinguish one leaf-bereft hardwood from another in winter is more of a challenge than summer tree ID, but there are practical reasons – and a few offbeat incentives – to tell one species from another in the dormant season. Hikers and skiers can benefit from such a skill, and in survival situations, hydration and warmth may depend on it. And if you’re among those who adore wintertime camping, you can have more fun when you know common woody…


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Small-Scale Logging

Started by Peter Smallidge in Project Profiles. Last reply by John McNerney Apr 15. 4 Replies

Small-Scale Logging: Sugarbush and Woodlot Management Issue:  Many woodlot owners and maple syrup producers want to be more active in gathering logs or firewood from their property.  Often there are too few acres or too few trees to attract a…Continue

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How to get rid of buckthorn

Started by Randy Williams in Woodlot Management. Last reply by John McNerney Apr 15. 1 Reply

I have some property where the best timber was harvested several years before I purchased it.  There are now many areas where the buckthorn is so thick that nothing will grow under it.  I am looking for suggestions on how to get these areas back…Continue

Replanting after timber harvest with climate change in mind

Started by Ben T. in Woodlot Management. Last reply by Patrik Schumann Mar 26. 1 Reply

Hi Everyone,I’ve been wondering what tree species are going to thrive over the next 50+ years as the climate warms in New York and I’m curious if folks are enhancing plantings of particular tree species for future commercial harvest with warmer and…Continue

Rust Colored Hemlock Bark

Started by Carl Albers in Woodlot Management Dec 31, 2023. 0 Replies

Picture of a hemlock with rust colored bark.  When I cut a nearby tree, also with rust colored bark, it was infested with HWA.  Attached picture shows a Logrite ATV arch in use.Continue

Rust Colored Hemlock Bark

Started by Carl Albers in Woodlot Management Dec 31, 2023. 0 Replies

The hemlocks in my woodlots have been infested with hemlock wooley adelgid (HWA) for at least three years now.  Lately I've noticed some of them having a rust colored bark and I wonder if this is normal and that I just didn't notice it previously? …Continue

How to control mature white pine and hemlock to allow enrichment planting of hardwoods

Started by Peter Smallidge in Woodlot Management Nov 28, 2023. 0 Replies

I had a question about control of mature white pine and hemlock to improve sunlight for enrichment planting of hardwoods.  Following is my response, but I would like to know if anyone else has any experiences to share with control of these to…Continue

Story in Northern Woodlands Magazine on Deer Impacts

Started by Brett Chedzoy in Woodlot Management Aug 8, 2023. 0 Replies

This Spring we had an opportunity to speak with writer John Litvaitis about the big picture of deer impacts on the hardwood forests of the Northeast.  I posted the original story from the summer edition of Northern Woodlands to the…Continue

Ash blonding effect on lumber quality

Started by Jeff Joseph in Woodlot Management. Last reply by Jeff Joseph May 5, 2023. 2 Replies

Question: In Peter Smallidge's most recent "Ask a Professional" column for NYFOA's Forest Owner magazine he stated that some log buyers will reject ash that shows outward signs of "blonding" on the bark. Is this because the wood will change…Continue



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