Firewood for Charity (F4C) - January 12, 2019 - Getting Ready for Next Winter!

Happy New Year!  and Happy New Name!  We're now Firewood for Charity (F4C) and I'm pleased to announce that Dave Keebler is the winner of the naming contest.  Dave receives a $20 gift card to use as he pleases.  Dave is very creative and hard working and.....a happy winner! 

Congratulations and thanks Dave!

It was a bit cold on Saturday (in the teens), but it didn't keep the team in front of the woodstove.  We had a great turnout with Dave, Eileen, Jim, Gary, Kathy, Greg, David and yours truly (only briefly!).  Check out the great action shots: 

That's Gary (above) dicing up the rounds of ash.  And next, is a shot of Jim using a maul to split up the rounds:

and here is Jim showing outstanding dexterity and splitting rounds with his BARE FIST!

Next, we have two nice pictures of Kathy, Eileen and David at the splitter, working as a team:

Greg, working the saw, and making chips,

and Greg, turning into a fire-breathing dragon!  Hard work plus cold air can make for great photos!

Special thanks to Gary and Dave for taking the cool action photos!

Cecilia and David fired up a hot lunch for all and Dave and Eileen brought mountains of baked goods.  I'm sure that others brought food and drink as well, but they did not let me get that close to the food table to see! 

Lots of firewood was put up for 2019-2020 and lots of laughs were had.  Please join us!   It really is a fun time.  We're looking forward to working closely with all of our charitable partners in 2019.  We're planning a visit to Camp Onseyawa, a camp for children with special needs, in late summer.

Eileen mentioned that the next events are:  Wednesday January 23rd 9:00am – noon and Wednesdays February 13th and 27th, weather permitting.  As we get closer to March we will look at Saturday the 2nd depending on weather and maple syrup production!

If you're a NYFOA member and want to have some fun while doing good, please send Eileen a note at  She will place you on the mailing list so that you will be aware of the next event.  If you'd rather just attend the post-firewood social, you're more than welcome!  It really is a fine time for all. 

If you would like to donate working equipment (e.g. hydraulic log splitter, maul, chainsaw, etc) or cash to help defray some expenses, please send me a note (  NYFOA and the charities would be grateful.  See  you next time!

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