Chainsaws for Charity (C4C) - October 23, 2016 - Heating Season is Upon Us

The big log load donated by Wagner Hardwoods continues to decrease in size while the firewood stacks grow and grow.  After one more cutting session, all of the logs will have transmigrated completely into about 35 face cords of well-seasoned firewood.  Here's a picture of the NYFOA C4C Team from yesterday; we had ten participants:

That's Tony Ross on the left, next to Chris Howard, David Deuel, Kathy and Greg Lessord, and Dana Allison.  Not pictured, because they don't stop working for picture taking!, are Eileen Schaefer, Jim Miller, and Bill Doolittle.  Your author is also not pictured because.... he left early after eating too much of Chris' wife's fantastic banana bread!

We had two hydraulic splitters working simultaneously to keep up with the sawyers.  These logs are so well-seasoned, that some of the rounds simply split themselves as they hit the deck.  This is great material and we are grateful to Wagner for their generosity.

There's Eileen!  Looks like she just visited the Keurig coffee machine in the sugar house.

David reports that we have already found homes for 27 C4C T-shirts.  David did a great job working with our vendor on the design and these really are great shirts.

The VFW, Rotary Club, and Habitat for Humanity are all working to take this firewood and turn it into cash for our veterans, children and homeowners in need.  NYFOA Chainsaws for Charity volunteers make it all happen! 

If you own woodlands and want to make them more productive and healthy, join NYFOA; it's well worth the price of admission (  NYFOA members help each other while addressing important issues in their own woodlands and there is no need to "go it alone."  Don't risk making big mistakes that can take decades to fix when high-quality help from high-quality people is right here at

More Chainsaws for Charity updates soon.  Want to help with a small donation to help offset costs?  Or would you like to buy a shirt ($10)?  Please email Eileen at

If you are already a NYFOA member and are thinking about a C4C operation in your neck of the woods with your Chapter, send Eileen a note and we'll see if we can help!

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