Chainsaws for Charity (C4C) - April 7, 2018 - Spring Ahead!

Dean:  "David, how many logs are left on the landing?"  David:  "Only a few.  I think there are 4 or 5 face cords.  An easy day." 

Eleven face cords later, and the team is still ready for more!

When our partners at Wagner Hardwoods deliver logs, they do it very carefully and stack the pile well off the ground on "stringer" logs so that there is plenty of room for air to flow.  In addition, having the logs off the ground keeps them clean and dry and makes it easy on the back when working on the pile.  In addition to the logs that David had staged for the day's event, the team decided to cut the remainder of the stringer logs too.  Who knew that there would be six face cords in the stringers?!  That material was in great shape and in great supply.

Speaking of the team at Wagner Hardwoods, Ty Bowgren, Rusty VanZile, and Tom Gerow continue to identify and collect excellent material for C4C.  Wagner's Brian Mix phoned on Monday to mention that another big load would be delivered on Tuesday!  And it was!

We're extremely grateful to the Wagner Family of companies for their strong and continuing support.  Wagner, The Rotary, and NYFOA C4C are directly responsible for many thousands of dollars being implemented at Camp Onseyawa for children with special needs (  This is important work and it directly benefits the Finger Lakes community.  This is a great team.

By the way...we could really make use of a C4C logsplitter.  Greg and Kathy have been most generous to allow the use of theirs but it's time we had one full time at the landing.  If you can help or if you have one in good shape to donate, please let me know.  THANKS! 

C4C'ers met before the cutting began on Saturday and would like to have a goal of two full log loads ready for the 2018 heating season to begin in the fall.  Based on that goal, they planned the event schedule for 2018.  If you're a NYFOA member, we'd love to see you on the landing!  Here are some pictures from Saturday (Thanks Dana!)

That's Eileen stacking and Kathy and Greg at their splitter.

That's David in the foreground splitting with a maul and Jim splitting a round using his bare hands! 

That's Gary by the silos working on the stringer logs.  I think that's Dale in front of the tractor's bucket.  In this picture, you can see Dale and David both doing toe-touching and calisthenics to keep limber.  Not shown are Bill, Dana (our photographer), and me.  I stopped by first thing, split three rounds, and then disappeared!

Eleven face cords line the east side of David and Celia's sugarhouse.  A good day!

The next time we'll get together in a big way is in June I think.  However, there may be some biweekly weekday events too.  So if you're a NYFOA member and want to have some fun while doing good, please send Eileen a note at  She will place you on the mailing list so that you will be aware of the next event.  If you'd rather just attend the post-firewood social, you're more than welcome!  It really is a fine time for all. 

If you would like to donate working equipment (e.g. hydraulic log splitter, maul, chainsaw, etc) or cash to help defray some expenses, please send me a note (  NYFOA and the charities would be grateful.  See  you next time!

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